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Scalability Achieved

Faster than you imagined

Having been involved in the infrastructure of hundreds of websites at Penguin Computing, no one understands how to scale out a website better.

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Web Programming

Snake charmers at heart

Python makes our code easy to understand, easy to maintain and easy to upgrade.

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Open Source

An experienced guide

Look to us for help with licensing and building a community of contributors.

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Experience Counts

Here since the beginning

We helped create the Open Source movement, and designed many of the first Linux rackmount servers.

We're a boutique consulting firm, specializing in Linux and Python.

We've been involved in the Open Source movement since the beginning, helping create it along the way.

We're located in Lake Oswego, right outside of Portland, Oregon. We work with clients locally, and all over the world.

Sam Ockman is a Linux luminary and visionary in the Silicon Valley.

- Anand Pillai, author of HarvestMan

Linux Consulting

Linux infrastructure and administration

Having built one of the largest Linux server companies in the world, we're experts on Linux infrastructure.

We can plan and deploy an optimal server strategy made up of your own physical systems or using the cloud.

Python Programming

Python programming and consulting

We build extensible scalable Python applications. Specializing in the cloud, web applications and search, no project is too large or too small.

About Sam

Sam Ockman founded Penguin Computing, Inc. in 1998. He served as CEO twice, from 1998-2000, and from 2002-2003. Sam was CTO from 2000-2002, and was Chairman of the board from 1998-2004.

A recognized industry spokesperson, Sam has served on various advisory councils and delivered keynote presentations and panel addresses at leading high technology conferences. Sam holds a B.S. degree in computer systems engineering and a B.A. in political science from Stanford University.


One of the five pioneers who coined the term "Open Source," he is the co-editor of Open Sources: Voices From the Open Source Revolution.

For the last few years Sam has been consulting on search technology, Python and high performance clustering. He's brought these three interests together at his wine search engine, 1000 Corks.

A full service boutique firm

We provide the service that only a small firm can. Working with Open Source software since the beginning, we can show you how to best use it.

Whether you need a systems architect, an engineer, a system administrator, or a programmer, we're here to help.

We can help you with your own servers, or use Amazon EC2 instances.

Visit our Python blog.


Here's what we can do for you.

  • Choose your Linux servers.
  • Deploy in the cloud or in a data center.
  • Load, test, and optimize servers.
  • Optimize Linux and Apache.
  • Custom scalable Python programming (Perl too!)


Please feel free to contact us. Anytime.

Contact Information

phone: +1-415-992-8090
web: PenguinPython.Com